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Epic Journey Tribute Band

3P1C Journey is Canada’s Definitive Journey Tribute!

Capping off 2017 as the headlining show aboard the ‘Disney Wonder’ Cruise Ship & landing an opening slot for the legendary band ‘Styx’ in Quebec Canada , the former members of ‘Absolute Journey Tribute’ have re-branded themselves by bringing you ‘Epic Journey’ (aka. 3P1C for the die-hard Journey fans!) under new management to take the band to new heights and new frontiers. You’ve seen all of these faces before delivering your favourite Journey Hits across the nation with authenticity & reverence.

With the addition of Al Langlade, arguably one of the most authentic Steve Perry sound-a-likes on the planet, this band of brothers continues its mission to deliver the signature ‘legacy’ Journey sound.

Experience & relive an era gone by. You are about to embark on an ‘Epic Journey’!

“Don’t stop believin’……hold on to that feelin’!”