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Thuderstruck – North America’s #1 Tribute to AC/DC

Thunderstruck was formed January 2001. Comprised of 3 former members of Hells Bells: Rich Ruffo – drums, Al Higgins-bass, Rich Trevor-lead guitar; 1 former member of Maximum Overdrive: Blair Briceland – lead singer; and Curt Elisian of Powerage – rhythm guitar. All AC/DC tributes.

The members of Thunderstruck bring over 10 years of professional musicianship as well as performing AC/DC music.
Thunderstruck’s show will bring you from the early years of AC/DC to the latest hits, combining all of the theatrics of an AC/DC show with full costumes and authentic equipment.

What people are saying:

“Definitely, the best AC/DC tribute on the market.”
The Mills, London, Ontario

“When ever Thunderstruck plays here, I know I’ll get a full house.”
Oakwood Place, Hamilton, Ontario

“Great show. The best Brian Johnson voice I’ve heard yet.”
Sir Frogs, Oakridges, Ontario