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Tribute to Bob SegerThe System is a tribute to one of the greatest rock singer/songwriters of all time. In a genre that sometimes defines its heroes by their makeup or bizarre antics, simply wrote great songs and gave up a little bit of his soul to the audience every time he sang them. The System recreates those classic performances with a show consisting of all the popular hits; combining studio arrangements along with live versions from the classic, multi-platinum “Live Bullet” album.

These guys put on an incredible show designed to give Bob Seger fans a true concert experience. They can even tailor the show to fit your needs; from club performances to a ninety minute concert utilizing our 20,000 watt sound system and computerizing light show, the choice is yours.

"We love Bob Seger, that¹s all there is to it. Everybody in this band has grown up listening to and performing Seger tunes, still some of the most requested songs ever recorded."

Song List

  • Feel Like a Number
  • Get Out Of Denver
  • Sunspot Baby
  • Main Street
  • Katmandu
  • Ain’t Got No Money
  • Beautiful Loser
  • Hollywood Nights
  • Still the Same
  • Her Strut
  • Lookin’ Back


  • Night Moves
  • Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man
  • Famous Final Scene
  • Fire Down Below
  • Betty Lou
  • Shakedown
  • Travelin’ Man
  • Turn the Page
  • Against the Wind
  • Old Time Rock And Roll
  • Rock And Roll Never Forgets