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Tribute to Disco - Disco KnightsThe Disco Knights formed in early 1995 in response to the sudden rebirth of ’70s era disco music. They incorporate wide lapels, funky afros, polyester bell bottoms, choreographed dance moves and energetic dancing girls to deliver one of the hottest shows in North America.

Based out of Toronto , the band consists of bass, guitar, lead vocals and drums. Following an appearance on City TV’s morning show “Breakfast Television”; The Disco Knights went on to perform in front of estimated 5000 spectators during Toronto ‘s 2nd annual Yonge Street Festival. This performance proved to be a great success, which has lead to numerous show appearances. The United States adopted The Disco Knights following a 4th of July performance in Cincinnati opening for REO Speedwagon. The Disco Knights are presently enjoying the success those years of hard work and perseverance has earned them. They have become one of the best ’70s disco revival acts in North America.