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Tribute to Fleetwood Mac Stevie Nicks

Exploring material from Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours to Stevie’s solo work. This is not a clone band but you will have a hard time telling this because of the likeness between Anna & Stevie.

This show exudes Stevie’s mystique and charm in a stunning recreation of one of the world’s most popular groups of the 70’s and one that plays an important part of rock history. When Anna Leeming portrays Stevie Nicks, Anna captures that look and sound and the soul of Stevie Nicks.

When Anna takes the stage as Stevie Nicks the sound the look the mystical atmosphere is suddenly there Anna pours her heart out in every performance it is truly magical along with Erin Lasky who portrays Christine McVie. Her rendition of Song Bird you will agree.  She is truly born to play this role.